The Low Down on B Vitamins

The low down on B vitamins

Lizzy Cangro

Hands up who loves a multitasker!

How about one that helps maintain healthy skin, boosts your metabolism and keeps you energised throughout the day?

Well then let us introduce you to the B vitamins; a group of eight micronutrients which work together to make you feel great.

We especially love vitamin B6, which is vital for our immune function and metabolism. It’s found in tuna, chickpeas, potatoes and fortified cereals.

But, sometimes a little help is needed to ensure we get enough. That’s why our Advanced Vitality capsules for men and Advanced Women’s Multivitamin contain B6.

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Meanwhile, vitamin B12 is essential in helping us feel energised and our nervous system functioning at its best. 

However, B12 only occurs naturally in animal products so folks on a plant-based diet may need to use supplements.

If you’re worried about your levels, we’ve got you; our Advanced Neuro capsules contain a vegan-friendly form of B12. Shop now by visiting: Advanced Neuro



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