Lifestyle and health benefits of taking collagen supplements

Ever flicked though a magazine and seen an ad for collagen? ....Scrolled through social media and seen a post on collagen? ....Catch a glimpse of collagen supplements when doing your grocery shop? 

We’re not gonna lie; collagen supplements seem to be EVERYWHERE right now!


However, you may be holding back from trying them out until you know more. It’s super smart. After all, who wouldn’t want to be clear on the benefits of using supplements before making an investment? That’s why our nutrition nerds at Vitamini have condensed the top lifestyle and health benefits of taking collagen supplements below.




Collagen is super important in providing structural support throughout our body, including within joints and muscles (Lodish et al. 2000). Essentially, think of collagen as the ‘glue’ that holds our bodies together.


However, the main reason why collagen is receiving so much attention recently is because some research indicates edible collagen supplements have the potential to support skin structure and elasticity, as well as strengthen hair and nails (Proksch et al. 2014, Avila Rodriguez et al. 2018).


Our body’s ability to produce collagen naturally declines with age and we begin to break down collagen faster than we can replace it (Varani et al. 2006). Supplementing with collagen may therefore help reduce wrinkles and muscle loss and protect our bones and joints (Elam et al. 2015, Borumand & Sibilla 2015, Zdzieblik et al. 2015).





Whilst we can obtain some collagen from our diets, collagen supplements have the advantage over food sources in terms of convenience and flexibility. Find them in powder, pill, and liquid form. These can be taken on the go, at meal times with water or, if in a powder, blended into a smoothie as a snack or mini meal.



The benefit of this is that you can easily combine your collagen with foods that support its production within the body; for example, berries, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits, which are great sources of vitamin C (Sizer and Whitney 2017, Pullar et al. 2017).


However, we at Vitamini have taken one step further by packing our Advanced Collagen capsules with vitamin C, biotin (another essential nutrient for healthy skin and nails) and antioxidant vitamin E alongside premium quality marine collagen. This takes all the thought out of making sure you’re reaping the full benefits of taking a collagen supplement. Total no brainer, wouldn’t you agree? Give us a ‘hell yes’ and check out our Advanced Collagen capsules now.

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