Three tips to protect your skin this summer

Summer this year may feel a little different. One thing that will never change, however, is the glorious feel of sunshine on our skin. Whilst we’re excited to get out and experience that warm glow, we also know it’s important to protect our skin. Read on for the three things we’ll be focusing on this summer.

Be sun savvy

The easiest thing you can do when it comes to protecting your skin is managing your sun exposure. Whilst getting enough sun is important in obtaining sufficient vitamin D, UV rays can cause skin damage even on a cloudy day; for example, UVA rays contribute to wrinkles and pigmentation. Getting about 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure is sufficient for topping up on vitamin D; the rest of the time be sure to apply an SPF sunscreen to exposed skin.

Eat the rainbow

Nutrition plays massive role in our health. For example, evidence suggests antioxidant pigments such as lutein, beta-carotene and lycopene accumulate in the skin and provide a mild SPF effect of 3-4 against the sun. Aim to eat a variety of coloured fruit and vegetables to maximise your intake.

Stay hydrated

Drinking enough fluids is vital for many reasons, including helping to transport nutrients around our bodies and to our skin. In the summer, our fluid requirements ramp up in parallel with the heat so make sure you’re drinking more than normal, and at least 1ml per calorie you burn every day. Plain water is ideal, but all fluids count towards your intake.    

Lizzy Cole, MA MSc PGCE ANutr

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